Sunday, August 4, 2013


Lessons from 500 Days of Summer

For the past months and week, I am in a deepest point of my life...and this will continue in the next years to comes. As I am on-line earlier today trying to consume my free time, I saw a friend's status that says he is watching 500 Days of Summer. Reading the comments from others who were able to see the movie, I myself got curious of watching...and it’s what I did for the remaining hours of my free time.

The movie, as it was mentioned during the first part, is not a love story. However, it hit me so hard that I was able to learn a few lessons...things that I may apply on my own. So here they are, sharing the things that I was able to absorb.

Lesson No. 1: There will always be that person we will think as "The ONE". Admit it, every person has his/her one true love...or others might call it One Great Love. However, we also have to accept that this person will not necessarily be the one we will end up with. Just like in the movie, Tom felt that Summer was the one for him. But, its just wasn't meant to be.

Lesson No. 2: It not the other party's fault if they didn't feel the same way you do. As Summer told Tom, she just woke up one day and knew it, referring to her getting married while in fact, she made it clear before that she is not into relationships. Answering to this statement, Tom asked her if what “it” was that she knew. In reply, she said that it’s something that she wasn't sure about Tom. It hurts to be the recipient of such words. But thinking about it...this makes sense nonetheless. We can't force ourselves not to love a person...but, we can't force a person to love us back in return either. It’s just the way it is. I guess in love, there's no in-between...its either you love or you don't.

Lesson No 3: Moments with our One Great Love are not all Great moments. Sometimes we are blinded by our emotions that what we often see are beautiful, wonderful things. However as Tom's kid sister mentioned to him in the movie, when he look back he should take a better look. We can't seem to move on from the wonderful feeling that even after the "relationship" ended, we still find joy in reminiscing the things we used to do together. There's nothing wrong in taking joy in looking long as we should not forget to face reality as well. We have to deal with it.

Lesson No. 4: Not having your One Great Love means it’s the end of your love story. Yeah, admit it...we fall in love, got ourselves heartbroken, be depressed, try to cope up with it...blah blah. But hey, it’s not yet the end of the world. Maybe we feel lonely because something wonderful ended that we never thought would last. But an end in a relationship with someone doesn't necessarily mean an end in our journey through love. 
Sometimes what we need is to keep our eyes open. This was shown towards the end of the movie...and I learned a lot from it.

Lesson No. 5: Life goes on no matter what. For those who got their own shares of heartaches and was able to cope with, this is insanely true...and I am one of them. Just like in the movie, I was once "Tom" also. But then, Tom's life didn't end when Summer got married. Indeed sometimes our expectations are different from reality. But as I've said before, it’s all about perspective. And we have to go on living. After all, we are human being...very much capable of loving, and not just one person.

We'll just have to seek our other "Great Love".