Monday, September 23, 2013

FREE TRIAL to win Gadgets

Click on the image to see my posted Free trial gadgets on my Facebook Account.

Guidelines of this Free Trial Activity

1. 1. How to join the free trial activity? Note: There is no item limit; you can choose ANY item you want to get for free. On every product page, there is a "free trial" button. Simply click this button on every item you want, then Like their Facebook page and share with friends. The prize will be the most shared product. Seven runners up will win 50 EB points.   2. How are the winners chosen?

They randomly choose three winners from customers who shared the most popular item. If your Facebook friends clicked your post and joined in, they also win the prize if you win it - it’s so simple! Seven runners up get 50 EB points. Hint: To improve your chances, share the item with as many friends as you can!

  3. How do we send the prize to the winners? Details of winners and runners up including their Facebook page will be announced weekly here - be sure to check! A unique coupon code is sent to winners, so they can buy the item for only $0.01. Shipping is 100% FREE. Winners are kindly asked to post images of the prize and share our activity page on Facebook! They will also get EB points to save even more money! Runners up will receive the EB points in their account.