Saturday, September 14, 2013

nTrust Invite and Grow..

nTrust Referral Program Overview

Are you always the one that buys your friends’ coffee?  Are you inevitably the one stuck with the tip?  Well, it’s time your friends started earning you money!

Did you know…  that nTrust let’s you turn your Facebook pals, your Twitter followers or your email contacts into cash?

Help us get the word out about nTrust’s unique online money transfer service and we’ll say “thank you” by paying you for every referral that verifies their nTrust Account.   It’s that simple.

You can post to your Facebook wall, tweet your Twitter followers, or email an invitation … all directly from the nTrust account.  As soon as they have verified their nTrust account, we’ll put a referral reward directly into your nTrust Vault.

Are you a blogger or a community spokesperson?  Even better!  Download your Personal Referral Link and for every visitor that sign up from your personal link and verifies their nTrust Account, you get paid for that, too!

Just log into your nTrust account now and go to the Invite tab to start earning today.

What are you waiting for?  It’s time your friends started paying for your coffee for a change…

Share the joy of nTrust!For every referral you invite, that completes and  verifies their profile, you will receive $0.50 CAD deposited into your account.

Click on the Image to SIGNUP.

Ntrust is now available in the Philippines.