Thursday, September 19, 2013


“Waiting will never end” --- 

there are times that we ought to long for something that is worth to have, but as we grow old there are things we need to consider on getting something that we really want. 

A lot of questions really rushing into my mind as the song goes, Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere. There are things that we really wanted, but, have you ever asked yourself if it’s worth the wait? How many times have you been waiting for something that you really thought it would come? 

I’ve heard a lot of stories about waiting and most of them seem to have what they wanted, except for some, I mean there are also a lot of people who then haven’t been requited for the things that had happen between to birds. Let’s say you love the person more than yourself, but you’re pretty sure that he’s totally in love with you? 

What would you do then? Just wait for the person to fall for you? Do crazy things that might get his attention? Or simply love him in silence? Or what about, both of you love one another but it seems not to be the perfect timing, you share moments but not in the perfect place, you shared thoughts but not in a perfect way. Confusing… but really if it’s worth the wait then “waiting will never end”… as another saying goes, “ its better to love and have not loved at all”"