Sunday, September 1, 2013



Always taking calculated steps leaves you with the need to be on your toes with every task you take on. This can cause you to be constantly irritable and stressed out in your unending search for perfection. Remember that every bella, including you, deserves to have fun too! Why not stop playing it safe and instead, let loose of your instincts. Every once in a while, forget about living up to all the rules in the life book and just follow what your heart truly desires. Whether it be about food, money, shopping and most importantly, love - learn to let go of your tight grip. Let down your hair and live life on the edge like a rockin’ battle.

Know your weaknesses. By being aware of your flaws and your soft spots, you will be able to manage your choices in a more suitable manner. Reinforce your negatives with your positives. Build on your strengths, and more importantly, be ready to compromise. Being well aware of your weakness is a strength in itself too. It is also a good sign that you’re committed to becoming a better you.

If you’re always depressed for being too harsh on yourself when undergoing a diet, know when to give yourself a treat. En route to becoming physically healthy, you might be running the risk of becoming emotionally out of shape. Instead of cutting down on basic meals from day to night - all of which are important, why not trim down your intake of tempting confections for dessert and skip the carbonated sodas. Eat allotted meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but opt to pass up the opportunity to take snacks when you’re not that really hungry. Trade in your favorite flavored drink for water every once in a while. Making simple yet effective sacrifices can actually amount to a lot and would even help you reach the peak of your health.

When work is stressing you out or boring you down, think twice before you buy yet another pair of shoes! Instead of going on a monthly shopping binge, why not remind yourself that by refusing to spend this month and saving up for a couple more months can entitle you to a better prize? Take into account your most recent buys and then, check what you’re in need of the most and make tat your targeted prize. Instead of splurging on things you have already too much of, you get to reward yourself even better. Fighting the strong urge to go impulse buying will double the worth of reward you’ll be getting!

Enjoy your right to happiness starts by loving yourself. Know when you’re on the brink of depriving yourself or if you’re giving in to your whims way too much. Keep in mind that a healthy balance is always the key to one’s happiness in life. The best thing about this? 

It’s all in the power of your hands.